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Wireless Networks

Synewave understands people's ever increasing reliance on the Internet as a benefit to home life. Be it educational, paying bills, banking or booking your next holiday, the accessibility of all these services from your home has been one of the major contributing factors to the growth of the internet in the home.

Should it be a completely new network or existing one, we offer a complete service to:

- Source all equipment and install it to your specific requirements

- Secure existing home networks over and above the standard 'out of the box' default settings

- Connect PCs, Laptops, Games consoles and even printers to use a wireless network through a single broadband connection

- Security reviews and advice on existing home networks

- Wireless site survey to identify any potential areas of poor reception

The majority of ‘off the shelf’ wireless networking equipment will quite happily work ‘out of the box’ to enable you to immediately start making use of your home wireless connection. 'Out of the box' home wireless installations will work on the minimum amount of configuration necessary to get you up and running. Whilst this is convenient for people who are not computer/network literate it does present a security risk. Wireless piggybacking of internet connections is becoming rife in the UK and whilst harmless enough if they only ‘borrow’ your bandwidth, the wealth of wireless hacking tools freely available on the internet can constitute a significant threat to any information you would prefer to keep private. If you do home banking or purchase goods over the internet via wireless connection then you would be strongly advised to secure your network. It's also worth bearing in mind that if your broadband connection has a limited download quota per month, then you could be paying for someone else to use your internet connection to freely download videos, music and images. If your connection is not secure, people using your connection can do this freely. The nature of any images or video downloaded via your connection could well be attributed to your broadband connection.